Fletcher’s Unclaimed Asset Recovery Mission

Fletcher Recovery Group has built our business around reuniting people and their assets. It’s important to do what you love and at Fletcher we love the thrill of helping individuals successfully navigate the unclaimed asset recovery process. We view the unclaimed asset epidemic in the U.S. as a problem worthy of our efforts and we’ve built out a team and processes to help our clients successfully resolve their cases.

A Growing Problem

The tide of Unclaimed Property in the United States continues to rise every year.  In New York state alone, there is more than 15 billion dollars of unclaimed assets sitting in the state’s unclaimed property fund. Less than 10% of existing unclaimed assets are expected to be successfully returned to property owners this year.  Simply put, the volume of unclaimed assets is growing at an astounding rate and the government just does not have the resources to adequately get the word out regarding these assets or to locate each of the rightful owners. That’s where Fletcher Recovery Group comes in.

The Power of Good Fortune

We know from direct experience resolving thousands of cases, that this money has the ability to impact lives for the better. It is a joy for our team to see the positive changes that increased financial security can bring about for our clients. We work every day to help raise awareness of these unclaimed assets and to provide assistance to heirs and property owners in successfully proving ownership so that they can be reunited with what is rightfully theirs.  

A Roadmap for Success

The unclaimed asset recovery process is both lengthy and nuanced.  On average, a typical claim will take over 3 months to successfully resolve.  If steps are missed or information is improperly provided, that can slow things down further.  We know that efficiently reaching a successful case resolution the first time is critical. The team at Fletcher Recovery Group has both the experience and strategic processes in place to ensure that no steps are overlooked and that there are as few surprises throughout the case-processing period as possible.

Experienced Guides

Due to the volume of claims being processed by the state, tracking your case once it’s been initiated is not easy and getting anyone to respond to you once a claim has been filed can be daunting. Many people do not have the time or wherewithal to handle a claim on their own. We can help. Fletcher Recovery Group acts as a concierge to our clients. Throughout the process, we make sure that our clients are kept in the loop regarding any progress on their case- answering questions as they arise and providing updates and solutions if there are any hiccups in the recovery.  At Fletcher, our team understands the anxiety and worry that can accompany the expectation of a windfall. We treat our clients as we would our family and make sure we’re available to address concerns as needed.

We’re Just Getting Started!

While the success we’ve had in our first decade of business is gratifying,  we know that we’ve only scratched the surface and there are many more successful asset recovery stories waiting to be told.  We are standing by if you’re ready to initiate the recovery process.