Have You Received a Letter from Fletcher Unclaimed Asset Recovery?

If you’ve received a letter from Fletcher Unclaimed Asset Recovery, it means that we’ve identified assets in your name that are currently being held by the offices of the state comptroller that you are entitled to. These financial assets being held by the Office of the State Comptroller still belong to you. Fletcher Recovery Group’s unclaimed property experts have the experience in genealogical research, legal procedure, and Federal and State escheatment law that is essential to recover your assets successfully and efficiently.

How Did the Money Get There?

Each case is different and the story or circumstances behind each set of unclaimed assets is unique, but funds often originate from abandoned accounts, forgotten 401ks, unclaimed insurer payouts or property of deceased individuals without a named beneficiary.  These financial assets are subject to unclaimed property law and if a financial institution loses touch with you or is unsure who the assets belong to, they are legally required to turn over those assets to the State. This is meant to preserve the funds in a central government run repository but due to the incredible volume of cases stored in this repository, unclaimed assets can sit for years without ever being connected to their rightful owner.


Why Hasn’t Someone from the State or the Bank Contacted Me Directly?

Once the funds have been escheated (turned over to the state) neither the financial institution nor the state has any further obligation to contact the rightful owner of the assets. Many states have publicly searchable database of unclaimed assets but beyond that assets can and often do sit indefinitely in the state’s coffers. Without action these assets will continue to sit.


What’s the Advantage of Working with the Fletcher Unclaimed Asset Recovery Team?

Fletcher Recovery Group offers you the ability to successfully recover your unclaimed assets efficiently and with minimal effort from your end. Through our extensive experience successfully resolving literally thousands of these cases each year, we are intimately aware of the nuances of the asset recovery process as well as the requirements of the state. Through our team of dedicated recovery specialists, we’ll handle the process on your behalf from end to end, ensuring that your assets are recovered in a timely manner. Fletcher Recovery Group also tracks the progress of the cases and if there are any hold ups, we’ll work to resolve them ASAP.

By opting to work with the team at Fletcher Recovery Group, you get the assurance that your assets will be recovered without the hassle or stress of trying to take on the often-daunting undertaking all by yourself. Through our years of experience, we have streamlined the asset recovery process and are ready to put it to work on your behalf.

If You Are Ready to Move Forward What Should You Do Next?

You have 2 options to move your case forward.  You can either fill out the form enclosed in the letter or initiate a recovery by filling out our web form here. We look forward to helping you successfully recover your assets.