Fletcher’s Unclaimed Asset Recovery Mission

Fletcher’s Unclaimed Asset Recovery Mission

Fletcher Recovery Group has built our business around reuniting people and their assets. It’s important to do what you love and at Fletcher we love the thrill of helping individuals successfully navigate the unclaimed asset recovery process. We view the unclaimed asset epidemic in the U.S. as a problem worthy of our efforts and we’ve built out a team and processes to help our clients successfully resolve their cases.

We receive calls everyday with questions about the Fletcher Recovery Group letter that was received.

We love taking calls from prospective customers to discuss the letters we send.  Specifically, we get similar questions from many people.  

Someone will call up Fletcher Recovery and ask, "what is this all about?"  The answer is that we have located unclaimed funds, usually held by a branch of the Government, often at the State level.  And if you received a letter from Fletcher, the likelihood is that we have already established your entitlement.

Another favorite question asked of our representatives at Fletcher Recovery Group is, "how long will this take?"  The answer is that most claims take between 60 and 90 days, but there are so many complications that can extend that recovery time to a year and beyond.  The biggest delay occurs when we are assisting heirs and beneficiaries in recovering the lost funds of deceased relatives.

"how much is this worth?" is another common inquiry.  Unfortunately, in many jurisdictions we do not know the exact amount at the the time the claim is initiated; it is only determined after we have established our customer's entitlement to the assets invlolved that we are able to derive a value.