Revising the Uniform Unclaimed Property Law

The Uniform Law Commission is drafting a revised version of the uniform unclaimed property law.  

It is shocking, but not surprising that State governments organized under the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators have drafted a lengthy and detailed memo to the law commission in support of paying private third party companies a percentage of any money they can collect on behalf of the State and bring it into the unclaimed property coffers.  This aggressive policy so obviously incentivizes the collection of as much of the citizens private funds as possible under the most liberal interpretation of the statute.  

The irony is that the State governments will explicitly state that they do not advise citizens to work with private third party companies to assist them in recovering unclaimed money from the State, while at the same time employing the very same tactic to take the money in the first place.

You can read their argument by clicking the link below:

In support of private auditors.