We receive calls everyday with questions about the Fletcher Recovery Group letter that was received.

We love taking calls from prospective customers to discuss the letters we send.  Specifically, we get similar questions from many people.  

Someone will call up Fletcher Recovery and ask, "what is this all about?"  The answer is that we have located unclaimed funds, usually held by a branch of the Government, often at the State level.  And if you received a letter from Fletcher, the likelihood is that we have already established your entitlement.

Another favorite question asked of our representatives at Fletcher Recovery Group is, "how long will this take?"  The answer is that most claims take between 60 and 90 days, but there are so many complications that can extend that recovery time to a year and beyond.  The biggest delay occurs when we are assisting heirs and beneficiaries in recovering the lost funds of deceased relatives.

"how much is this worth?" is another common inquiry.  Unfortunately, in many jurisdictions we do not know the exact amount at the the time the claim is initiated; it is only determined after we have established our customer's entitlement to the assets invlolved that we are able to derive a value.

Fletcher Recovery Group Letter

Did you receive a letter from us to recovery unclaimed funds held by the government?

The good news is literally everything we know is in the letter.  Full disclosure.

Of course, we want you contact us with any additional inquiries; but most questions are answered right on that letter.

And if we sent you a letter, its overwhelming likely that we have already identified the assets and made a connection to you as the owner, heir or beneficiary.


Fletcher Recovery Group LLC complaints

So....from time to time we get complaints about our service.  Sometimes, but only sometimes, these complaints are legitimate.  Being in business for over 10 years, we have definitely had some growing pains.  Starting with one person answering phones and responding to inquiries, processing claims and slowly growing our staff over the years has resulted in us missing phone calls, not responding to inquiries, and frankly not following up on claims processing.  

And to be fair, it still happens; but we work on getting better everyday.  We pride ourselves on transparency and easy access.

We try not to miss phone calls, or keep our customers on hold.  In that regard, we have added staff to answer customer inquiries and implemented a call service to take messages 24 hours a day.  We want to give our customers the best chance at getting a live person to speak with about the process.  Our business can be a sensitive topic, and leaving voicemails can be frustrating.  However, it is still necessary from time to time.  We also have a web chat that can be used even when no one is online to answer the inquiries, as well as email, fax and regular mail.  


Who is Fletcher Recovery? What is Fletcher Recovery Group LLC?

We are a group of compassionate individuals that truly try to help as many people as possible to recovery unclaimed funds, in spite of the paramount regulations that have been developed to make that goal more difficult.

We use advanced technological innovation to locate and communicate with owners of unclaimed assets that have been lost, sometimes for decades, and sometimes worth quite a large amount.  But, we help many people recovery very modest amounts as well.

So, if you received a letter for us, or a phone call; please get in touch and let us answer all of your questions.  Ultimately, we want you to fell comfortable and hire us to work for you.  The result is mutually beneficial.

Is Fletcher Recovery Group legitimate?

Apparently, this question gets asked a lot in google searches.  The inquiry is justified considering we are informing you that there are lost funds you may be entitled to recover.  The proposition certainly elicits thoughts of scam scenarios.

The reality is we have been in business for over 10 years.  We have an A+ rating with the better business bureau, and for the time being, no negative reviews.  We obviously will strive to keep that immaculate record.  Despite being a rather small company, we actually help many thousands of people annually to recover their lost accounts.

We never ask for any money in advance, nor out of pocket.  Everything we earn is entirely contingent upon our success.

And whether you choose to work with our company, or try to collect the money on your own; its yours and you should collect it.

"California Running Ponzi Scheme with Unclaimed Property Program"

Here is a link to an opinion piece written by Bruce Bialosky, CPA, who founded the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and was appointed by President George W. Bush to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, titled, "California Running Ponzi Scheme with Unclaimed Property Program".

Notable disclosures include - 

 Unclaimed Property fund was the fifth largest source of revenue for the state of California.

Taryn Kinney, public relations head for the California Controller’s office, stated that in the year that ended June 30, 2017, the State's General Fund had taken in $399 million from unclaimed property transfers and that the fund stands at $8.6 billion.

As Bialosky writes, "If there was actually a better notification of the rightful owners, then the state would have to cough up money they don’t have or wait to take it from some other unclaimed property.  The money in the unclaimed property fund has even less than the social security fund.  At least with the social security fund they put IOUs in the fund. Here they do nothing."

The link to the article is below - 



Don't believe the hype.

It is unfortunate how rare it is to find an honest news piece that reports the facts about the world of unclaimed property - A little understood, yet enormous cash generating aspect of government.

I recently read a quote by the Alabama State Treasure that was published by ABC News: 

"Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to give you your money," remarks State Treasurer Young Boozer.

Ironically, the State is holding $672,000,000, having paid out $114,000,000 over the last 5 years.  That equates to approximately $28,000,000 per year in payouts, or a quite inadequate 4% per year. 

More scandalous is the fact that in 2013, Boozer supported legislation that stripped citizens personal assets from the unclaimed property fund to be used to fund his treasury department; and increased the regulations that allow companies like Fletcher from helping return these accounts.  No longer is the State a custodian, they are deceptively looting this money to fund the government and making sure that no one gets in the way.

And Boozer had the audacity to declare that the legislation would benefit taxpayers.  

Boozer is not alone, this behavior is happening all across the country, as the government needs to find increasingly clever ways to fund its obligations.

It is interesting that these news stories, really fluff pieces, never disclose how private auditors are paid handsomely by the Government to identify ever increasing amounts of unclaimed property eligible for escheat under ever more liberal regulations.

The message is clear - It is okay for the Government to pay a professional to abscond with the citizens personal assets, but it is not okay for the citizens to pay a professional to recover this money.

Working with a professional recovery outfit like Fletcher is an incredible resource to have in the struggle to recover unclaimed property, and the contingency fee we charge aligns our interests with our clients.  To paraphrase from Mr. Boozer:

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than recovering money for our customers.

Don't believe the hype.  

Faced with revenue shortfall, Mississippi took $14 million from the state’s Abandoned Property Fund

This troubling development in the ever evolving use of the public's abandoned funds.  Rather than make an effort to return this money to the people, the effort is made auditing business' to marshal these funds for the ultimate use of funding budget deficits of mismanaged government.

While Fletcher charges a reasonable fee for our efforts; we are transparent in our mission.  Even if you choose not to work with us, our outreach empowers you with the knowledge that there is money owed to you by the government.

Of course working with Fletcher is the easiest, streamlined approach which allows you the highest likelihood of success in recovering your assets.  Our team has the experience to overcome any illegitimate claim denial.

You can read more about the Mississippi situation here - 

MS Revenue shortfall