Asset Recovery

If you were contacted by us, we believe that there are outstanding assets that belong to you. Whether you are the owner, heir or beneficiary; our services will make the recovery process easy for you, and we will accelerate the collection of the assets.

We search for the funds in advance. If you have received correspondence from us, we have already located the outstanding funds and determined your entitlement to set forth a claim. The assets that we locate have remained unclaimed for several years; it is unlikely that you are aware of their existence.

The assets may have become lost if the owner ever moved, changed jobs, changed names (marriage/divorce), forgot to deposit a refund check, neglected to tender stock certificates, disregarded mail from financial institutions (you thought it was another credit card offer), or maybe the post office simply didn’t deliver a piece of correspondence.

It is also possible that an heir or beneficiary didn’t know that a deceased relative had any assets, or that they were entitled to inherit them.

By the time we have located unclaimed assets, the holders of these assets are not required to make any further effort to return the assets to the owner; therefore, it is unlikely that an owner would locate or recover the assets without the assistance of a qualified recovery expert.

In some instances, our customers may have an idea about where the assets may be coming from; however, most people do not have the time and/or knowledge of the complex procedures essential to claim their funds.

We only offer our services to certain individuals once we have located funds that we believe are due to the person we have contacted.

In order for the Fletcher Recovery Group to begin working on your behalf, we must enter into a fee agreement. Our fee is always contingent upon a successful recovery of the assets. There are never any upfront fees or out of pocket expenses for our customers to incur.

The contingent fee is equivalent to a percentage of the assets recovered. The size of the fee will depend upon any relevant statutes, as well the complexity of the recovery. Each recovery is distinct and fees are quoted on a case by case basis.